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TV viewers have been warned to make sure they are legally streaming their content or they could face a home raid.

Officers from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit are stepping up their efforts to clamp down on illegal streaming.

There have been several high profile raids on illegal streaming operations, with police working with internet service providers to identify culprits.

Since the Digital Economy Act 2017 came into force, efforts have increased to target providers and viewers of illegal streaming services.

New powers in the legal instrument include more robust tools to pursue and prosecute those who practice digital piracy.

Streamers should note that in the UK it’s an offence to illegally stream under copyright law.

Penalties include large fines, with some perpetrators having to pay up to £50,000. You could also get a prison sentence up to 10 years.

Illegal streaming can also leave your data exposed and damage your device.

Alex Hemming, sports analyst from Free Bets Ireland, said: “The risks associated with illegal streaming of sports in the UK are significant and multifaceted.

“The potential for hefty fines, criminal prosecution, and personal data compromise makes illegal streaming a risky endeavour.

“With more legitimate streaming options available than ever, choosing to view sports through official channels is not only the legal choice but the smarter one.”

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