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Partygoers planning a night on the tiles will need to save up over £230 for a big night out.

The average cost of a major nighttime adventure including tickets and entry to clubs and bars is now £231.40, figures from MoneySuperMarket reveal.

Even a more reserved night out will set you back a substantial amount, with the average cost of a night out at £67.

Average costs for a big night out include:

  • Drinks – £33.50
  • Food – £38.10
  • Taxis/transport – £33.50
  • Entry to clubs and bars – £38.40
  • Tickets – £43.80
  • Clothing – £44.10
  • Total – £231.40.

The figures revealed that party lovers in Sheffield spend the most on a night out, forking out on average £112.40 on a night out.

People in Plymouth spend the least on an evening out, spending just £22.90 on a nightlife experience.

This is how much each city spends on a night out:

  • Sheffield – £112.40
  • Edinburgh – £79.80
  • Manchester – £77
  • Birmingham – £72.60
  • London – £70
  • Glasgow – £66.6
  • Brighton – £64.60
  • Southampton – £54
  • Liverpool – £51.60
  • Bristol – £50.90
  • Cardiff – £45.50
  • Norwich – £42.70
  • Leeds – £41.60
  • Newcastle – £41.30
  • Nottingham – £35
  • Plymouth – £22.90.

Kara Gammell, financial expert at MoneySuperMarket, shared some tips to keep your costs down when going out.

Have an allowance

She told : “Withdraw an amount at a free cash point and use this – not your debit or credit card – to buy drinks and pay for your meal or taxi.

“You may well find that having to hand over your hard-earned cash makes you spend less anyway.

“If you don’t feel comfortable carrying cash, opt for a prepaid card. This type of card is essentially a pay-as-you-go debit card.”

Do your research and halve your drinks bill

It’s worth looking up happy hour deals to see if you can save on your cocktails and other drinks.

Many bars and restaurants also do two for one deals on mocktails and soft drinks.

BYOB for a bargain

Some restaurants allow patrons to bring your own bottle (BYOB) for as little as £5 corkage.

Ms Gammell said: “If you’re based in London, Manchester, Edinburgh or Liverpool, Hawksmore restaurants charge just £5 corkage all day every Monday – perfect for a Bank Holiday.”

Get the timing right

You may be able to slash your bills by eating earlier or later than planned. First Table is an app offering 50 percent off your food bill for two to four diners when eating at off-peak times.

Be loud and proud

Rather than buying drinks in rounds, you can agree in advance with your party to buy your own drinks.

Ms Gammell said: “Don’t worry about looking antisocial – with the loud budgeting phenomenon taking over social media, being upfront and transparent about your financial priorities is very on trend.

“What’s more, being vocal about your budget invites others to join in the candid camaraderie.”

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