WB-Mining revolutionizes entertainment industry with its investment gameplay

WB-Mining revolutionizes entertainment industry with its investment gameplay

Creating games that replicate real world scenarios has become not just a desire but a necessity in the crypto space. The race to be on top while being unique has motivated many blockchain platforms to introduce games with outstanding features.

WB-Mining is one such platform that strives to provide users with an economical and constructive simulation game model. This allows users to make informed decisions, expand the horizons of the empire and increase their income. The game is built in such a way that users can wager their real money and make decisions that affect their real life.

The conception of this crypto gaming platform has set new standards in three areas including money, community and investment. The platform is ready to change and revolutionize the way people think and make decisions.

A comprehensive gameplay

WB-Mining ecosystem is a one-stop gaming platform where users can find voting, reports, community panels, media center as well as their accounts with mechanisms based on free market principles and in-game store .

The player’s democratic right to vote distinguishes the WB Mining project from various other previous projects. All players who earn WBM tokens (the platform’s governance token) for $5 or $20 will be granted voting rights. All of this leads to the prevention of market manipulation by the whales.

Any expert working on site at the mine has no decision-making authority other than submitting their work and recommending it to the community and making a majority decision like a joint board. Each player is simultaneously investor, manager and speculator.

WB-Mining and its extensive ecosystem is simply a democratically run business venture where everyone can win or lose together.

An intrinsic mobile application

The platform mobile application is curated to serve various play/investment purposes while being the central hub of all actions and insights. The mobile app is linked to the personal user account, which is further linked to a phone number, preventing multiple accounts.

Each account created automatically includes personal voting rights for decisions and a wallet with a WBM token. The unique application allows players to influence real-world actions through the app and interact with other players, advocate for specific strategies and make their voices heard.

The platform’s live stream feature allows players to follow the current happenings on the ground. Voting starts with deciding the direction of the next drill and ends with deciding to buy back and burn WBM tokens if gold is found.

The demand for WBM tokens is directly proportional to the amount of gold found, i.e. the more gold is found, the higher the demand for WBM tokens. Players’ decision-making is supported by reports from geologists, economists and shift supervisors.

WBM tokens and tokenomics

WBM tokens are at the heart of all gameplay. This multifunctional token is an in-game currency and also a digital speculation object that is similar to a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The total supply cap of the token is capped at 18 million from the start and cannot be increased by anyone.

As a BEP 20 token, the WBM token is curated on cutting-edge blockchain technology. Each WBM token within the app, as well as other hardware and software wallets, is also eligible for a dividend distribution in the form of WBM tokens.

This leads to actors having a strong intrinsic interest in making good decisions, discussing them and generally being invested in the project with a high level of commitment. The value of the WBM token largely depends on the quality of the decisions made by the players.

However, the WBM token is not linked to the success of the WB mining project, it can also be freely traded as a speculative object on international crypto exchanges once it is listed there. Thus, it is possible for every player to independently increase their wealth through clever actions and good decisions.

According to the IPO (Initial Public Offer), the WBM token will be allocated accordingly, with 61% of the token going to the liquidity pool and 27.8% of the token going to the project. Additionally, 8.3% and 2.8% are used for the initial burn and founders, respectively.

A 2-way NFT protocol

WB-Mining is a platform that offers users two series of NFTs including;

WBM NFT Series 1 “First Mover”
Issued on October 24, 2022, this NFT was intended for all early investors who have supported the project from the beginning. The entire Pioneer Edition NFT series (3100 NFTs total) will receive 5% of the gold mined on the “Lucky me” claim until the gold claim is processed. WBM NFT Series 2 “Lucky Me”
The lucky me claim owners benefit from the gold discoveries at the end of the season, compared to the Yukon where only a rich owner benefits from the gold discoveries (10-15%). The NFT Series 2 “Lucky Me” has been freely available in stores (OpenSea) since October 27, 2022 with a total cap of 378 NFTs. The entire NFT series will receive 10% of the gold mined in the Lucky me claim until the gold claim is processed.

About WB mining

WB mining is a unique combination of gold rush, crypto, NFT and mobile application. It is a two-in-one way for users to enjoy the game and also try their hand at investments. Additionally, it offers players real odds of winning as well as the scale of social experimentation.

All decisions are made collectively by the paid players in the game. Put simply, it is the player’s task to show cohesion and thus lead the project to success. The platform doesn’t create space for individual achievements, win or lose, it only happens as a team.

WB-Mining also reserves decision rights for players to make on-site ad hoc decisions regarding staking, claims, etc. With the intention of building a community that collectively makes democratic decisions and supports one another, WB-Mining has reached a milestone in the entertainment industry.

To learn more about the WB mining platform, visit their official website or follow their Twitter handle.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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